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Activon Medical Grade 100% Manuka Honey Gel Tube Natural Healing of Wounds 1 Pack


  • Wound care: Now heal your wounds with this 100% medical-grade manuka honey cream from activon. Providing a moist healing environment this gel dressing reduces infections and minimizes scarring while gently nourishing the skin.
  • Powerful: Manufactured with care this sterilized and filtered wound gel creates an osmotic effect to pull harmful tissue from the wound bed and eliminates odors without masking the wound while facilitating faster healing of injuries.
  • Benefits: The 100% natural manuka honey is suitable to treat open wounds debriding the necrotic tissue and remove dead tissues in sores for a quick healing process. It does not absorb into the bloodstream which makes it safe to be used by diabetic patients too.
  • Natural treatment: This manuka honey gel can be applied to any wound such as leg ulcers diabetic ulcers infected wounds necrotic wounds graft sites chronic injuries slough burns and cavity wounds with the action of autolytic debridement.
  • Ingredients: Our wound dressing gel is known for providing a moist environment for the fast healing of wounds. Containing 100% medical-grade manuka honey with no added preservatives this filtered and sterilized wound gel is safe to use by anyone.

First Honey® Sterile Manuka Honey Ointment |100% Medical Grade Manuka Honey for Minor Burns, Wounds, and Cuts | Chemical-Free and Drug-Free |1.0oz


  • | How Does Sterile Honey Ointment Work to Heal Wounds? | Sterile Honey has healing properties because it offers antibacterial activity and high viscosity which helps to provide a moist protective barrier to prevent infection and minimize scarring. Additionally, Medical Grade Manuka Honey’s low pH levels and high sugar contents aide in blocking the growth of microbes.
  • | No Artificial Antibiotics & No Additives. | As bee farmers and believers in using only natural products on our skin, we wanted to create a healing product that is able to promote faster healing and prevent infection without the use of artificial antibiotics, which is why we created our Sterile Honey Ointment.
  • | 12+ Manukamed Medical Grade Certified & MGO 400+. | Our First Honey Sterile Honey Ointment has been certified as a medical grade honey which contains a high level of antibacterial activity, so it’s extremely potent when it comes to healing minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts, minor scalds, and burns.
  • | We’re a Family Owned Bee Farm in New Zealand. | From our family to yours, we’re passionate about providing a safe, natural alternative to current antibiotic ointments filled with chemicals. Our farms are monofloral, meaning there’s no cross pollination with other plants, resulting in the production of the highest quality rated active Manuka Honey.
  • | We Promise Our Highest Quality to You. | Here at First Honey, we deeply care about our customers and their families. As our customer, you make our mission to provide natural healing products possible, so we want to ensure you have a great experience with our products. We promise to only create the highest quality products. If you have any issues please reach out and we’ll make it right.

Serious Skincare INSTA-TOX Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum – Temporarily| Tightens Skin – Facial Serum – Instant Line Filler – 2-Pack, .75 Oz. Each


  • REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES, FINE LINES, UNDER-EYE BAGS, DARK CIRCLES, CROW’S FEET, FOREHEAD & ELEVEN LINES, SMILE LINES. Serious Skincare INSTA-TOX Facial Firming Wrinkle Smoothing Serum original and proprietary formula creates a temporary tightening layer on your skin that tightens, lifts and smooths the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • INSTANT RESULTS. Our fast absorbing INSTA-TOX Facial Firming Wrinkle Smoothing Serum delivers instantly remarkable results with visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye bags, dark circles, crow’s feet and other signs of aging on the face and neck.
  • QUICK ABSORBING FORMULA. See results in three minutes!
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS. The temporary reduction in facial lines and wrinkles last up to 12 hours.
  • HELPS YOUR SKIN LOOK REMARKABLY SMOOTHER AND YOUNGER. Imparts a fresh and energized look to your face MINIMIZE THE APPEARANCE OF ENLARGED PORES. Helps the pores to appear smaller, benefiting in a smoother and more youthful appearance to the skin. SAFE FOR USE AROUND THE EYE AREA. Enhance the appearance of your brow area, crow’s feet and frown lines in the eye area. INSTRUCTION PHAMPLET INCLUDED for you to achieve optimal results CRUELTY FREE MADE IN THE USA
  • For BEST RESULTS, please read the entire instructions for use pamphlet included in the Insta-Tox package. For sensitive skin, we suggest performing a small patch test prior to full face/neck useage.

Reliable retailers provide you the best activon medical grade products

You can choose between online and offline retailers that offer various products of different qualities. A customer’s choice of retailer is an important decision when you are buying activon medical grade products.

Once a few retailers have been chosen based on these priorities, the final step will be determining whether or not these retailers offer a return policy that works with each individual customer’s needs. Some retailers have better prices for certain items than others and will offer discounts on their site or through coupons if they know that’s important to you.

These are just some tips to help you decide what retailer will work best for your needs! The quality of your supplies needs to be consistent – your customers associate poor quality with you, not your suppliers.

KaraMD Comfort Guard X24 |Doctor Formulated Inflammation, Joint & Pain Supplement for Men & Women |Natural Non-GMO & Vegan Pain Support & Relief | 95% Curcuminoids, Boswellia & Ginger, 90 Capsules


  • HELP WITH PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Comfort Guard X24 anti inflammatory supplement has been formulated to naturally improve inflammation and help your own body with pain, discomfort & joint issues, while natural antioxidants help to improve immune system health & overall wellness.
  • POWERFUL CURCUMINOIDS & BOSWELLA: This inflammation relief supplement contains a combination of 95% Pure Curcuminoids along with a critical dose of Boswellia. By using multiple receptor pathways, this powerful formulation ‘doubles up’ the response to inflammation, aches and pains.
  • VITAL GINGER ROOT EXTRACT: Ginger Root can also reduce muscle pain, joint aches, and inflammation, and it acts as a powerful natural catalyst for better absorption of the Pure Curcuminoids to support an even better anti inflammatory response throughout your body.
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED: This natural inflammation and pain supplement is backed by experts knowledge to promote better joint health. Our Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan Friendly health supplement is formulated in the USA and made with high quality reliably sourced ingredients.
  • WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL LOVE IT: Your purchase of KaraMD Comfort Guard X24 inflammation and joint pain supplement is fully protected by an unconditional 90-day refund guarantee because we truly care about your customer experience.

Manuka Guard Medical Grade Manuka Honey MGO 400+ 8.8 oz – Raw From New Zealand – Medicinal Strength Healing Honey Immune Boost & Antibacterial Properties


  • NEW ZEALAND MANUKA HONEY – 100% RAW MGO 400+MGO (methylglyoxal) is a naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka Honey a powerful healing agent. Every jar of our ManukaGuard Medical Grade Manuka Honey is tested and certified for natural MGO content. Our farms are monofloral, meaning there’s no cross pollination with other plants, resulting in the purest and highest quality active Manuka Honey available.
  • FROM HIVE TO HOME – Traceable from the hive to your home, our bees extract sweet nectar from Leptospermum plants growing in Masterton, New Zealand. The natural honey from these shrubs has unique healing properties not found in other honeys.
  • IMMUNE BOOST – Instead of curing disease and sickness, the ultimate would be to not get sick in the first place. Eaten everyday, Manuka honey helps build a healthy immune system. Not only does manuka honey treatment boost immune system, it contains hundreds of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support total body health.
  • INCREASE ENERGY – Manuka honey contains vital probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can reduce mental fatigue and fogginess. This raw superfood helps feel the mind and body to help maintain stable energy levels all day.
  • MEDICAL GRADE & NON-GMO – ManukaGuard brings you the purest and highest quality 100% Authentic Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Improved Medihoney Gel Wound and & Burn Dressing from Derma Sciences, 0.5 oz,


  • Now even better in gel form
  • More viscous formulation
  • Increased stability at the wound site
  • Proven clinical outcomes

Buy a product can take a lot of your time. Find the right activon medical grade retailer for your buying needs, we’ll help you find the activon medical grade retailer that best suits your needs.

Finding a activon medical grade retailer is half the battle when it comes to getting what you want. You may have seen that perfect toy in the store but online, they’re out of stock! Or they’re just found at the wrong price. That’s where we come in. We help connect you with great activon medical grade retailers for almost any purchase you could want.

Sticking to the point that there’s no better feeling than finding the perfect gift to give to a friend or family member, we’ve come up with a great list of some already-popular and reputable sellers.


Stopain Extra Strength Pain Relief Roll-On 3 Ounce Relief for Muscle & Joint Pain


  • STOPS PAIN & SUPPORTS BETTER MOBILITY: Stopain Extra Strength Pain Relief Roll-On includes MSM & glucosamine to help reduce joint pain & arthritis pain and to support joint flexibility & joint mobility.
  • PAIN RELIEF ROLL ON: Roll on mess-free pain relief with Stopain. Relieve the pain of aching, sore muscles, joints & feet without heat or ice. Try Stopain for back pain, knee pain, joint pain & arthritis pain.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Stopain uses menthol to offer real-time temporary relief for simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises & sprains. Our extra strength products help support joint health & mobility.
  • TOPICAL PAIN RELIEF: Stopain carries pain relief topicals, roll-ons, sprays & gels. Whether suffering from the pain of a migraine or living with arthritis or joint pain, Stopain may offer relief.
  • STOPAIN STOPS THE PAIN: The next time you’re in pain, reach for Stopain’s pain relieving spray, gel or roll-on. Real-time pain relief for knee pain, arthritis pain, back pain, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia.

Icy Hot Medicated Pain Relief Liquid with No Mess Applicator, Maximum Strength, 2.5 fl. oz.


  • Includes one (1) 2.5 fl. oz. bottle of Icy Hot Pain Relief Liquid, Maximum Strength
  • Icy Hot pain relief liquid helps temporarily relieve minor pains associated with back pain, arthritis pain, muscle pain, sprains, bruises and muscle cramps
  • This pain relieving liquid provides easy-to-apply maximum-strength pain relief
  • Roller ball keeps hands clean and liquid is formulated to dry quickly
  • Icy Hot is the number-one topical pain relief brand among OTC topical analgesics

You’ve been there – you see something great at a store, but then can’t find it anywhere else. We’re here to help with that by listing some of the most popular activon medical grade retailers in your buying needs!

I know holiday shopping can be hard. I’ve been there, too. We all want to find the perfect gifts for our friends, family and ourselves. If you’re like me, you like looking in stores for ideas but tend to head online when it’s time to buy. I’ve put together a list of popular brands and activon medical grade retailers so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Happy shopping!

Eras Natural Sciences’ Wound Honey, Manuka Honey, Wound, 80 Grams (2.8 ounces)


  • The key ingredient to this powerful topical is Active Manuka Honey, imported directly from New Zealand. Active Manuka Honey is pure, natural, unpasteurized, organic honey that is collected from the Tea Tree Bush (Leptospermum).
  • Our all natural Wound Honey also contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol (a form of vitamin B) to further enhance Wound Honey’s effectiveness. The combination of Active Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, and Panthenol make Wound Honey a powerful and effective ointment.
  • Active Manuka Honey – True Active Manuka honey will be signified by a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) number to designate its level of activity. As an ointment, a level of ten or higher is best. Wound Honey has an Activity rating or UMF of 12+.
  • As with any product, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before use, and always continue to take any prescribed medication that your doctor has recommended. Eras Natural Sciences’ Wound Honey is to be applied externally only.

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